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Getting Your Deposit Back On Your Student Rental

Getting Your Deposit Back On Your Student Rental

Most students do not get their deposit back on their student rental accommodation. A recent survey by Nationwide revealed that on average students have to pay £150 back to their landlord, and over half of student tenants lost their full deposit. As a student, that deposit can be a vital part of your funds post-university. Here’s some advice on how to get your deposit back on your student rental.

Take Photos Of Everything

When you move into a student property, take photos of all items that came with the house. When you leave, do exactly the same thing. This just serves as proof of what you arrived at, and what state you’ve left the property in when you leave. Keep a record of the original inventory as well, so you can be confident in exactly what came with the original property. If there is any damage to the home when you arrive, make sure you have photographic evidence of this so you can’t be blamed for it when you go.

Leave The Property Spotless

Most non-student tenancies require the property to be professionally cleaned by the former tenants. Even if the house was in a state when you arrived, leave it spotless when you go. There are a number of cleaning services that specifically cater to students like the Student Cleaning Company. The cost of hiring a professional cleaner might seem like an upfront expense, but will be offset by the cost of your deposit when you get it back.

Read The Small Print On Your Contract

Read your entire contact back to back before you sign anything. Some universities even offer a special review service for students to ensure there’s no small print that will lead to additional costs when you leave. Some particular things to read before you sign include:

  • Notice period – make sure you know how much notice you need to give before you leave. It might be two or three months. If you give less than the traditional notice period, your landlord might have the right to hold part of the deposit back.
  • Decoration – see if your landlord will let you decorate the property when you move in. This can come down to the smallest factors, like having nails or any items up on the wall.
  • Legal protection for your deposit – is the deposit protected? Government protected deposit schemes ensure that your money is safely held until you leave the property.

Keep On Top Of The Budget

Keeping some finances set aside for a professional clean will make sure you have everything you need for when you move out. Manage the household budget as a group, and get ready for the final move out costs well in advance. If you take all these steps, your landlord will have no excuse but to give your deposit back on your student accommodation. All these tips should make sure you get your deposit back on your student rental.

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