storage for manchester students

Student Storage Made Simple!

No Van Hire, No Taxis, No Fuss, just cheap and simple student storage in Manchester at a great price.

Our student storage units are delivered to your door, loaded for you and stored for as long as you need. Convenient, Flexible and Secure.

Our 12 week student storage bundle offer includes everything you need for 12 weeks student storage including collection, insurance, storage for 12 weeks, and local return.

How Student Storage Works?

1 We collect

We collect

We will collect your items from the ground floor of your student accommodation.

2 We load

We load

We load everything, just ensure your items are boxed, packed and ready to go.

3 We store

We store

We can securely store your items for as long as you need. Short or long term - you choose!

4 We return

We return

We can return your belongings around the corner, across town or across the country.

Student Summer Storage Bundle


ALL IN AT JUST £295.00

This great offer includes:

  • 1 x 35sqft storage unit
  • Delivery to your door
  • Loading of your things (g floor)
  • Storage for 12 weeks
  • Insurance for 12 weeks
  • Return and Unloading (locally to g floor)
Student Summer Storage Bundle

How it works

PODS offer Cheap Student Self Storage in Manchester and we have a variety of different options to suit your needs. Our student storage offer costs less than £3.52 per day and includes collection, loading, 12 weeks storage, insurance cover, local return and unloading.

Whether you have boxes, suitcases, bikes, bedding, books or you’re looking for a bit more space to store some furniture. Store short or long term with Simply BoxIt! It doesn’t matter if you need to store for a few weeks, a month, a year or even more! We provide flexible student storage options that suit your needs perfectly. Our Summer offer is perfect if you need to store during the summer break. It’s easy, cheap and saves you tonnes of time and money! If you just want to store a few boxes then our box storage service may suit you better.

Simple Student Storage

Simply BoxIt student storage in Manchester is ideally situated to cater for student storage being less than a 10 minute drive away from the Universities and Campuses. If the University can’t store your belongings over Easter, Summer or Christmas then we can help! Maybe you’re going abroad to study or on an exchange and you need to store your things until you get back.

We help students from The University of Manchester, Manchester Metropolitan University and The Manchester College.

Students come back to us year after year to take care of their storage needs.

Student storage Manchester made simple with Simply BoxIt. Whether you need to store a few boxes, kitchen items, bicycles, larger items or furniture – Simply BoxIt is perfect for student storage. We can provide our student box back if you need packaging or you can use your own boxes. Pack your things up in your own time, and then we’ll collect and load them into your own secure storage unit and take it away to our secure depot to store for as long as you need. Store for a few weeks, for the summer or longer term.We also offer great discounts for 12 weeks storage, which is ideal for summer storage.

Some common questions…

Simply BoxIt provides a quick and easy way to store your items. Whether it’s just a few boxes or more.

Simply choose the right unit option for you. We have our summer storage offer which is great if you have a bit more stuff to store or want to share with friends or flatmates.

We also have our student box storage – perfect if you only have a few single items or boxes. Only pay for the boxes or things you store!

You can choose any additional services such as boxes, packaging and insurance cover.

We can deliver boxes and any packaging for you to pack and box up for items. You do also have the choice to use your own boxes. We even offer a packing service too!

Once you’re all packed simply seal and label your boxes and get your other items ready for collection. (if we’re packing we’ll collect at the same time)

We will then collect your boxes and and any other items on your chosen date and you will be given an AM or PM collection window. Just get your items down to the ground floor and we will do the rest.

Your items will be loaded into your own portable storage unit, taken away and stored at our secure storage facility in Manchester equipped with CCTV and a 24 hour security guard on site.

When you need your items back – simply give us a call and we can book your return. You will need to confirm your return address (again we will deliver to the ground floor) and chosen return date and your delivery charges will be calculated. You don’t have to get all your things back at once, you can leave some things in your storage unit and just get a few bits back perhaps for Summer or Christmas when you need them.

That’s the beauty of Simply BoxIt. We keep it simple!

Simply BoxIt is a cheap, easy and hassle free way for students to store items. We come to you so you don’t ever need to attend a self storage facility.

We can deliver boxes for you to pack in your own time and then we collect and store for as long as you need. It’s so convenient you don’t even need to leave your house or student halls to use us!

Pay by the box or get your own storage unit – the choice is yours!

Simply BoxIt is for everyone.

We get many students who just need to store some boxes or a few items over the summer. Many international students use Simply BoxIt when they travel to and from Manchester, going abroad for weeks or months at a time. We also have students that store boxes and items when they are between properties or if they are going abroad or travelling.

Simply BoxIt is quote simply for anyone, especially students in Manchester who needs to store a few boxes or items whether it be long or short term.

Yes we do! Our packing service is great if you are not present or just want someone to take the stress out of storage so you can focus on the more important things!

We can pack your boxes and will supply all the necessary materials to do so. If you need a quote for packing – click here.

We will always call you the day before we are due to collect / deliver plus the driver will call when they are half an hour away, so we ask that you keep you phone on and are available during the delivery time slots, which is usually 9am – 4pm.

If the driver has to wait for more than 20 minutes there will be a waiting charge added of £25. The driver will not wait longer than 30 minutes.

If we cannot contact you and it ends up being a failed delivery or collection there will be a cancellation charge of £50.

Student Storage By The Box

Only have a few boxes or items to store? Don’t need storage for 12 weeks?

Try our Storage By The Box service.

Prices start from just £0.40p per box, per day.

Student Storage By The Box

Reasons to Choose Us...

Student storage need not be complicated. Our student storage service goes above and beyond to make things simple for you.

Why Choose Simply BoxIt for your Student Storage in Manchester?

  • No security deposit needed
  • Insurance included within our SUMMER STORAGE offer
  • Premium Insurance Cover
  • Prices fully inclusive of VAT
  • Online contracts – no paperwork
  • Have your own space or share a unit with friends
  • We come to your door
  • We load your items for you
  • Use your own boxes or get a student value pack delivered
  • Completely secure storage
  • Full CCTV
  • 24 hour Security Guard

Student Storage Service

Student storage is a breeze when you choose Simply BoxIt for your storage needs. When you’re looking for student storage, you want to be able to quickly store your stuff and get back home for the holidays. Our Manchester self storage simplifies it all by coming to you, collecting your belongings, and storing them for as long as you want.

With excellent student offers available, you can save on your storage for the summer or other periods. Whether you’re looking for term-time storage or to store your things while switching from halls to private housing, our flexible storage options are perfect for students.

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Get Cheap Student Storage in Manchester

Very few students are flush with cash, so you want a storage solution that’s affordable. Our cheap storage services keep costs low, with prices starting from just £10 per week. Special offers for students allow you to save money, and you only need to pay for the storage that you need.

Cost-effective storage services from Simply BoxIt cut down on your expenses and save you time too. There’s no need to hire a van, find a friend with a car, get a taxi, or anything else. And you don’t need to pay for any storage that you don’t need, whether you want your own unit or you choose to share with friends.

Save with Offers Just for Students

Our offers for students save you money on student storage in Manchester. On a limited budget? Want to make sure you don’t end up spending more than expected? We give you clear pricing so you can stick to a budget.

Store your stuff for the summer with our £295 all-in deal. You get a 35 sq ft storage unit for the whole summer (12 weeks), with delivery, loading, storage, and redelivery and unloading. We’ll even insure your stuff for you.

Looking for more flexibility? Choose our pay-as-you-go option for just £10 per week. You get all the same great benefits with the option to continue or cancel whenever you want to.

Simple Storage for Busy Students

So how does it all work? You can get it all sorted in only a few steps.

  1. Book your student storage in Manchester
  2. We come and collect your belongings, including loading everything
  3. When you want your things back, arrange for redelivery

The end of term can be stressful enough without worrying about sorting out storage. We come straight to your door and sort it all out for you so you don’t have to deal with the hassle.

Flexible Storage That Works for You

True flexibility is available with our Manchester student storage. If you don’t need a whole storage unit, we can also take individual boxes or single items. You only pay for the items you need to store, and you can store them for as long as you like. The longer you store your stuff, the cheaper it will be.

Don’t delay in organising your student storage. Book our services in Manchester today and get the best deal.

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