Renovation Storage – Storage during building work

So you’re planning a renovation project? No problem – here at Simply BoxIt we offer a flexible storage solution, so it doesn’t matter whether you’re renovating one room or the entire house, we can help. We will bring the storage to your door and load everything, protecting all carpets and furniture as we go.

Unsure of the storage space you might need! Why not use our handy storage calculator to help? Once we have your inventory we will tailor a quote around your specific storage needs.

How Our Renovation Storage Works

1 You Book

You Book

Book your Simply BoxIt storage unit online by going to our “Book Now” page! Select how many unit(s) you need and select your dates - it couldn’t be easier!

2 We Collect

We Collect

On your chosen day, our team will arrive with your secure storage unit(s) and load all your items for you. Protecting all carpets and furniture as they go!

3 We Store

We Store

We store your belongings inside our secure storage facility for as long as you need. We have CCTV in operation and a security guard on hand 24/7.

4 We Deliver

We Deliver

When you're ready, we will redeliver and unload your belongings, putting them exactly where you want them in your nicely renovated property.

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50% OFF 8 Weeks Storage

How Simply BoxIt storage can help when renovating

Using a mobile self storage can offer several benefits when renovating your house, including:

  1. Keeps your belongings safe: During a renovation project, there’s a risk of damage to your furniture, equipment, and other items. Simply BoxIt’s mobile self storage facility offers secure storage with features like CCTV monitoring, intruder alarms and a 24/7 security guard to keep your belongings safe and protected.
  2. Provides extra space: Renovation projects can create clutter and mess, making it difficult to move around and work efficiently. Renting a mobile self storage unit can free up valuable space in your home or office, making it easier to work and move around.
  3. Convenient access: You can access your belongings 24/7 or we can deliver them back to you whenever and wherever you need them, making it easy to retrieve tools, equipment, and other items during your renovation project.
  4. Cost-effective: Mobile self storage units offer a cost-effective storage solution compared to other alternatives like renting a larger house or office space to accommodate your belongings during the renovation process.
  5. Flexible rental options: You can rent a self storage unit for as little or as long as you need, making it easy to match your rental period with the length of your renovation project, which are notorious for going on longer than planned.

Overall, using mobile self storage during a renovation project can provide a secure, convenient, and cost-effective solution to keep your belongings safe and out of the way while you work on your renovation project.

Customer Reviews From Renovators

Protect Your Possessions During Renovation

There are many times in life when you may require storage services. During renovation work is one of the times when it can be most important, but may not be immediately obvious. Storing items during renovations protects them from dust and damage. No matter the size or length of your renovation project, using storage during your project could save you a lot of money.

Our construction storage options are suitable for homeowners and renters, as well as trades looking for extra services to offer their clients. It just makes sense to store your stuff while renovations are ongoing to prevent them from getting dirty or damaged.

Simply BoxIt Makes Renovation Storage Simple

It only takes a few steps to organise your renovation storage. With Simply BoxIt, you can sit back and let our team do all of the work for you. All you need to do is make your booking online, choosing the size and number of storage units you need when you book. We bring the units to you and even load them up for you, being careful to protect carpets and everything else. You get a key to your storage unit, and we transport it to our secure storage facility with 24/7 security. When your renovations are finished and you’re ready to get your things back, just book your redelivery. We even unload and place everything back where you want it.

Storage for All Your Needs

Our renovation storage is suitable for all kinds of purposes. Some of the people who use our storage units include:

  • People renovating their homes
  • Homeowners building extensions
  • Tradespeople who want to keep things clean for clients
  • People converting their garage, loft, or basement
  • Those in temporary accommodation while their home is renovated

Services for Tradespeople

We work with businesses to help them while they are renovating, as well as trade businesses that want to provide for their clients. Offering storage services to your clients is a fantastic way to give them something extra, while also making your job easier. With all of the clutter and furniture out of the way, your team is free to move around without worrying about damaging anything. You will be able to work faster with more space available, and even do a better job when you’re not trying to work around bulky furniture.

Get in touch to find out more about how we can help you and your clients.

Keep Your Belongings Safe – Renovation Storage

Temporary storage is the perfect way to protect your belongings. We make them easy to store while renovating, reducing some of the stress you might experience during this busy period. Store your things while converting your loft, extending your kitchen, renovating your bathroom, or anything else. If you need more space to securely store your possessions, our door-to-door storage will give you what you need.

Get an online quote to find out more about our affordable rates or book online today to get your renovation storage secured. Our flexible storage can meet anyone’s requirements.

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