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Starting University (In Manchester) In 2022

Starting University (In Manchester) In 2022

Starting university in Manchester in 2022 can be both exciting and scary! This handy guide will give you the advice you need to start on the right foot.

Manchester is undoubtedly a vibrant, historic and culturally rich and diverse city, and one with some of the best universities in the country.

When it comes to Manchester universities, one thing that all people new to studying at them will have in common is how they won’t know what to expect when they first enrol.

Whether you’re a brand new student or returning to your studies, here’s what you need to know about studying at Manchester universities:


Social interaction is a big part of the university experience in Manchester. You don’t need to be a social animal to make your experience pleasant and memorable, but if you’re not much of a people person, you might find the experience challenging.

When you first get to your lectures or even in your halls of residence, you’ll likely find the experience a bit daunting. The truth is, lots of other students there will also feel the same.

One way to start making connections with your fellow students is by making the most of your Welcome Week there. It’s an excellent opportunity to meet new people and settle into university life.


Whether you’re living independently for the first time or not, money will probably be a cause for concern during your time at university. The great news is you’ve got loads of ways to keep your spending low and have a financial buffer without calling the bank of mum and dad!

For example, you can get a student loan to help you pay for your educational material and living expenses. You could also get a part-time job (bar work is a good shout) to keep you financially afloat.

Also, don’t forget you’ll have access to a wealth of student discounts. Consider buying a Totum Card (formerly NUS Extra) to access the best savings. Also, you can use your Totum Card as proof of ID.


When you start your course at any of the Manchester universities, one thing you’ll soon conclude is that your studies get delivered through a mix of lectures, seminars, and studying on your own.

It’s an experience unlike what you’ve previously had at school, but don’t stress because there’s plenty of support out there. For example, you’ll have student support officers to help you adjust to this new way of learning.

Plus, the library at your university is an excellent resource for information and support.


Lastly, you might feel like you’re getting thrown at the deep end when it comes to time management at university. However, there are some simple tips and tricks you can bear in mind.

One example is to think about how you work – do you feel more productive working in silence or with background music playing? Are you hopelessly disorganised – would a daily to-do list on paper or your smartphone help?

Again, you can get some help from your student support officers if you’re struggling to manage your time.

Final Thoughts

Starting University (in Manchester or anywhere else!) might seem like a scary thought when you actually start your course and get stuck into it. But, it’s actually a fun and immersive experience – and the tips and tricks above will help you get started.

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