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Single Item Storage in Manchester

Single Item Storage in Manchester

While self-storage can cater for so many different needs, there will be times when we may only need to store a handful of items, one or two large items or just a few single boxes. Single item storage in Manchester is something that we also offer. Below are some of the reasons why you may want to use single item storage and who would benefit.

Why You Might Need To Store a Single Item

Sometimes, we may only want to store a couple of items. For example, if you’re in the process of cleaning out a house and need somewhere to store important items or things we know we want to keep and will need again. You may also want to store single items inside a storage facility instead of renting a whole storage room or unit. Single item storage is something that can benefit most people when they are looking for a secure way to store just a few items. There can also be instances where you are away from your home but you have concerns about your personal possessions, such as if you’re on holiday and are having work done on the home. Single item storage can give you that additional peace of mind.

What Type of Items Benefit From Single Item Storage in Manchester?

While you could store almost any item, we prohibit liquids, batteries, and combustibles. apart from these, any item can be stored in single storage. From a mattress, chest of drawers, larger electrical items to boxes of glassware and crockery, as well as guitars, bicycles and surfboards. All these items can be put in as single item storage.

Should Single Items Be Packed or Protected?

Depending on the items in question, they may benefit from additional protection such as bubble wrap and packing peanuts/polystyrene chips. Items like books or anything made from paper would not need to be protected in the packing process. You can purchase packing materials from us such as wardrobe boxes, TV boxes and more! Mattresses should be protected with a mattress cover.

Who Might Need To Store Single Items?

Anybody who is in the process of moving may benefit from single item storage. Young professionals that only have a handful of personal items would benefit from single item storage. Students could also benefit, as they may not have bulky items but need somewhere to store for the summer. When booking for three months, we offer a 10% discount. This makes it ideal for storing those items over the summer that you can’t take back home to your parents. You also may want to store a few large items of furniture like your mattress, chest of drawers, floor lamp or mini fridge if you’re between properties temporarily.

What Does it Cost to Store Single Items?

Some of our more popular single items to store are:

Single Mattress = £6.00 per month

Double Mattress = £10.00 per month

Suitcase = £4.50 per month

Bicycle = £7.00 per month

TV = £6.00 per month

Misc. Large Item = From £8.00 per month

When you compare single item storage to the cost of hiring a storage room to house the same item the cost difference is huge. Self storage rooms that would hold a single or double mattress start at between £10 and £20 per week! So would cost upwards of £40 to £80 per month. A massive waste of storage space!

Other Things To Remember for Single Item Storage in Manchester

When it comes to single item storage you may want to think about some of the following:

We can store larger items. Whether you need to store a large TV, a mini-fridge, guitars, or a chest of drawers, we can help you store larger items with single item storage in Manchester rather than putting them into a large storage unit. This makes single item storage much more cost effective.

We can store single items you will need again. If you’re looking for additional options, we can offer a range of pre-selected items that you may want to store. For example, lamps or instruments that may not benefit from being put in a box. Instruments should always be kept in their case.

Single item storage is one of the best ways to put items into storage without the costs associated with larger storage units. Free collection is available within 5 miles, numerous packaging materials and insurance cover on offer. Simplt BoxIt can help you store items both big and small.

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