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Self Storage Insurance for my Items – Why do I need it?

Self Storage Insurance for my Items – Why do I need it?

Why do you need self storage insurance for your boxes and items? Read on and find out!

Insurance is a funny thing – you don’t need it until you need it – but when you do need it it’s very important that you have it!

Self storage insurance covers your boxes and items if the worst should happen and the World at the moment is as unpredictable as ever!

Our box storage insurance covers you against:

  • Theft by forcible and violent entry – our warehouse has full CCTV, security guard and steel entry doors
  • Water damage and flooding (if caused by an external source) as we all know you CANNOT store any liquids for obvious reasons!
  • Fire (again if caused by an external source) – you cannot store flammables again for obvious reasons
  • Lightening – never strikes twice!
  • Explosion – self explanatory KABOOM
  • Earthquake – when was the last time you felt the earth move?
  • Aircraft – Manchester airport is close but not THAT close.
  • Storm – Because it can get jolly windy in Manchester!
  • Riots and Strikes – because anything is possible
  • Civil Commotion – A very British disturbance, uproar or ruckus – again highly unlikely at our secure storage facility
  • Malicious Damage – no riff raff please 🙂
  • Burst or leaking pipes – no one wants to deal with this but let’s face it we are in Manchester and we do get a lot of rain!
  • Impact by vehicles – Don’t worry – we’re not near a race track and our drivers are extremely careful!

You can see our full Terms and Conditions here.


You may be looking at the list above and thinking – what are the chances of that happening???

Well it is a very small chance but these things do happen occasionally and that is what you have insurance for your box storage and self storage of other items.

You pay your car insurance every year without thinking and the chances of anything happening are very small, same with your house insurance, pet insurance and most other types of insurance out there. But if anything was to happen it is SO important that you have cover in place.

Box storage is low risk and that is what we have a list of items not permitted for storage at Simply BoxIt. It keeps the risks very low.

You are not permitted to store the following as part of our box self storage and insurance terms and conditions. Much of this is common sense really!

Items not Permitted for storage:

2.1 The following items must not be submitted for storage and will not be moved by us.
2.1.1 Stolen Goods, Drugs, Highly flammable or explosive materials / items, including Petrol, Gas Bottles, Aerosols, Paints or Ammunition.
2.1.2 Jewellery, Watches, Precious Stones, Money, Coins, Bullion, Deeds, Bonds, Securities and Stamps or goods or collections of all kinds
2.1.3 Goods that encourage vermin or cause infestation or contamination
2.1.4 Goods which are hazardous to health.
2.1.5 Perishable Goods &/or goods requiring a controlled environment
2.1.6 Animals or Plants (special provisions may be made for plants but must be agreed in writing)
2.1.7 Goods that are prohibited by law or require special licence or permits for import / export
2.2 If excluded goods are submitted without our knowledge, we will make them available for you to collect.

If we suspect that something prohibited has been stored then we are legally able to open your boxes when they are in our self storage facility to check so please ensure you don’t put anything into box storage that is not allowed.

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