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For Manchester Student Storage – Simply BoxIt!

For Manchester Student Storage – Simply BoxIt!

If you are in Manchester and are looking for student storage, then look no further.

Simply box it offers Manchester student storage with a difference.

Manchester Student Storage made easy

You don’t even need to leave your building or halls to store your stuff with Simply BoxIt. It’s easy, stress free and cost effective. We hate the word “cheap” but if you’re looking for cheap student storage in Manchester then look no further.

Students always accumulate a lot of “stuff” while at University. Be it books, clothes, accessories, small items of furniture or home furnishings to make your space cosy. You may not want to take all this “stuff” home again when you vacate your room or halls for the Summer, Holidays or Christmas. Simply BoxIt has the answer. Manchester student storage that comes to you.

Book online

Our easy booking form lets you choose what you want to store, pick your dates and add insurance, packaging and more.

Box Delivery

We deliver your empty boxes – as many as you may need!

You Pack

Pack up your boxes with your items in your own time. We can also store other things if they are too big or awkward to box up.

We Collect

We’ll collect from your door (ground floor) and take your things away to be securely stored at our local Manchester storage unit.

Manchester Student Storage

Store for a few weeks, over the summer or even a year if you’re going abroad to study or away to work.

We Re-deliver

When you’re ready, we can deliver locally, across the country or even to the other side of the World. We can arrange overseas shipping for your boxes and items if required.

That’s Simply BoxIt – perfect if you need Manchester based student storage.

Need more space?

Space it as a premium when you’re living in a room either in halls, university accommodation or a house share. Why not use Simply BoxIt to store items you don’t need all year round?

Student storage isn’t just for when you’re away or between properties. Many students in Manchester use Simply BoxIt throughout the year to store a few boxes and rotate their clothes so they have more space. Store winter clothes during summer or summer clothes during winter.

You don’t want your winter coats and jumpers taking up space in your wardrobe when it’s nice and warm! You also might buy things when you’re at Uni but have nowhere to store them until you return home. Simply BoxIt can store these items safely for you until you’re ready to have them delivered back. We can even send them home when you go!

Get a Quote for your Manchester Student Storage now and see how easy it can be with Simply BoxIt.

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