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Leaving the country temporarily? Top Tips to Prepare

Leaving the country temporarily? Top Tips to Prepare

Here are Simply BoxIt’s top tips if you’re leaving the country temporarily, working abroad or returning home for the Summer or holidays and are preparing for leaving the country temporarily.

Make a Checklist

List all the things you need to do before you go. It really helps when you can tick things off and you can make sure you don’t forget to do anything!

Pack up your things – in boxes and in your luggage

Make sure you are prepared. You may not take ALL of your belonging’s home with you – especially if you’re travelling long haul or going for an extended period. Make sure you get your packing materials and boxes in advance. You’ll also want to check that your suitcase is not worn and is suitable and secure for travel.

If you’re storing items with Simply BoxIt – our boxes are delivered to your door for FREE!

When packing your luggage – try and pack valuables in your carry-on bag rather than in your main luggage, that way they are always with you.

Sort out your money!

There’s nothing worse than getting to the airport and forgetting to have changed your money beforehand. You’ll get stuck with the worst exchange rates. Pre-paid cards are a great option for international travel. You can top them up and transfer money whenever you need to, so you’re never caught short! If you’re using your regular debit card, check the charges for the country you’re going to. It may be better making one withdrawal rather than paying contactless for each transaction.

Have pets or plants to organise?

If you’re leaving the country temporarily, most storage facilities won’t allow you to store living things – that goes for plants and especially pets! You’ll want to make sure you have organised pet care in advance, whether they are going to a friend or family member or into kennels. You want to check they will have all their home comforts and the person or people taking care of them has all the information they need regarding food, care, vet contacts, walking and routines.

Need to store items?

If you are only going abroad temporarily – while you travel, you won’t want to take EVERYTHING with you will you?! Box Storage is a great option as you only pay for the number of boxes or individual items you need to store. You may have an expensive bike or boxes of books and personal items that you will need in a few months but don’t want to move them to another UK address or take them with you. Simply BoxIt can store anything from just one box, a bike, mattress and much more. Your price will be low, as you’re only paying to store what you need to and not for a storage room or unit that’s too big! Book your storage in advance and if you prepay for 3 months or more, we’ll even give you 10% off too 🙂

Scan and Save your Documents if you’re leaving the country temporarily

This may sound like a strange one but if you scan and save important documents digitally, you always have a copy should the worst happen and you lose them! EEEK!

Scan copies of travel insurance, passport, flight details, any tickets or passes, visas, accommodation bookings and reservations. Keep them safely stored digitally and in paper form in a separate place from the originals.

Keep comfy on your travels!

Home comforts are not to be sniffed at. When you’re travelling you’d be surprised at the difference a good neck pillow can make! You want to be able to sleep and if it’s a long-haul flight a sleep mask and earplugs may also be useful. Make sure you have your favourite snacks, sweets or chewing gum for take offs and landings to help with ear pain. Take plenty of reading materials such as your favourite magazines or some new books.

Technology is also super handy for travelling! Have a Kindle or Ipad? Download some books, podcasts, films or series in advance so you can watch them whenever you like! You don’t want to be hit with a huge data bill when you return!


Travelling is supposed to be fun so go and make memories you can treasure forever. (Even if you’re only leaving the country temporarily!)

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