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How To Pack Boxes for Storage

How To Pack Boxes for Storage

Items that are going into storage need to be packed compactly, but they also need to be stored safely. If you are taking items into self storage, here are some important things to remember during the packing process.

Get Strong, Reliable Storage Boxes

This is the most important thing of all because if you opt for flimsy cardboard boxes you found behind your local corner shop, there’s no guarantee how long they will stay in sturdy shape. You’ve got to choose packing boxes that will go the distance. We provide large boxes measuring 18inch x 18inch x 20 inches high; our boxes are free when you book your storage. In addition, you should also get the right packing materials, like bubble wrap, which we can also provide. You may also want to think about using old towels and sheets for fragile or delicate items.

How To Pack Boxes with Large Awkward Items

As wonderful as those sculptures are, awkward items need to be disassembled as much as possible. Any items with protruding parts need to be protected with bubble wrap, but you should also place cushioning materials inside empty spaces so the item does not have the opportunity to move and potentially pierce a hole in the box!

Do Not Exceed a Certain Weight

As a rule, we recommend a maximum weight of 25 kg. This is because if you start storing items upwards with each box in storage, putting one on top of another could result in a big tower of boxes falling down! Ensuring each box weighs 25 kg also means that you can pick up the item with less effort!

Label Each Box

It’s not just about how to pack boxes, but how to label them too! It’s vital to label each box when you’re packing things for storage. Labelling will save you valuable time because you won’t need to open random boxes inside the storage area when searching for something. Use a black pen to write the contents of the box on at least two sides, and use a different colour pen, like red, to mark any crucial information (such as “Fragile” or “This Way Up”) so it stands out. All our boxes come with a pre-printed section so you can list what’s inside and which room it came from.

How to Pack Boxes? Secure the Box.

Boxes holding bulky items or fragile items means you’ve got to have strong packing tape to secure the top and the bottom. Leaving an item in storage for a lengthy amount of time could mean the weight of the items inside may prove too much, causing the bottom to collapse. Strong packing tape ensures it stays secure, keeping everything safe during storage.

Some Simple Packing Tips

  • Do not pack hazardous items. Before you start packing, remember that you can’t store any dangerous items. You should never pack food, plants, corrosive materials, wet items, or anything flammable.
  • Use vacuum-sealed bags to store thicker items of clothing, which also provides protection and shrinks the volume of bedding and clothes.
  • When packing electronics, you need to seal every box to prevent moisture or dust from getting inside, and pack any sensitive equipment in clean packing paper with bubble wrap afterwards to secure the bundle.
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