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Boxes and Packaging in Manchester

Boxes and Packaging in Manchester

If you need storage in Manchester, then you may wonder where to get your boxes and packaging supplies from…


You may think it’s best to get cheap boxes from a local supermarket. These boxes have often been through the mill and may not be strong enough to hold your precious items for storage. Supermarket boxes are not great to stack either and some may not even have tops to close. You may look to your local post office but these boxes and packaging supplies often work out very expensive and you want to save money, not spend it!

Online companies such as Amazon or the high street retailer Argos  do sell boxes and packaging materials but you may pay a premium for delivery or you have to go and collect them yourself. These purpose-built box packs and individual boxes also work out more expensive and are often only single walled and not as strong as you want or need them to be. Single walled cardboard boxes also won’t last as long – an important point to consider if you are looking at longer term storage or shipping your items abroad in the future.

Thin or old boxes won’t be strong enough and will not withstand shipping or stacking
Our strong and sturdy boxes pack well, stack on top of one another and are suitable for international shipping


Perhaps you’re a student and only need a few boxes for items from your halls, flat or university room?

Maybe you’re moving into rented accommodation while you renovate and need to store your kitchen contents in boxes but you also need bubble wrap and packing paper?

Maybe you want to store old baby stuff away in boxes but don’t have the luxury of space at home?

Or you might need wardrobe boxes to store out of season clothes?


So where do you get boxes and packaging materials from if you’re moving and storing in Manchester? Simply BoxIt of course!

Whatever you need – Simply BoxIt can provide it. We supply our double walled cardboard boxes totally FREE of charge when you come into storage with us. We deliver them direct to your door for you to pack in your own time.


We also sell a range of other boxes and packaging materials. They include bubble wrap, brown tape, fragile tape, wardrobe boxes with rails and packing paper. The list goes on!


At Simply BoxIt all our boxes are double walled and super strong. We deliver them to your door in Manchester. Boxes are delivered flat packed for your convenience, so you can assemble and build your boxes as you pack them. This takes up less valuable space while you organise and pack up your things.

Our boxes are classed as a “large box” and they measure 18 inches square (wide and long) and 20 inches tall.

We know how unpredictable things can be if you’re moving or looking for a storage solution. You could be looking short term or maybe you need long term storage. Our boxes are built to last and are fully recyclable, so when you’ve finished with them you can take them to be recycled or even pass them on to be reused.

Boxes and packaging in Manchester can be tricky to find, so why not take the stress out of it all and order direct from Simply BoxIt? Our flexible box storage solutions in Manchester give you extra space without leaving your home. We come direct to you!

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