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Only pay for what you need store!

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At Simply BoxIt we know that you don’t want to be paying for storage space that you simply don’t need. That’s why our simple concept allows you to pay for exactly what you need store. Whether thats one box, a bike or the full contents of a house.

You choose whether you want to use our free boxes or your own and when you’re ready we collect all your full packed boxes! You only pay for the full boxes that you store, along with any other items that you can’t box up, such as lamps, a bike or a small bookcase for example.

Example of some items and the cost to store them per month

  • Box Storage – £4.50 per month
  • Wardrobe Boxes – £5.50 per month
  • Suitcases – £4.50 per month
  • Small TV / Monitor – £6.00 per month
  • Mirror / Picture – £1.50 per month
  • Small Storage Unit – £5.00 per month
  • Small Bookcase – £6.00 per month
  • Bicycle – £7.00
  • Other (small item) – £5.00
  • Other (large item) – £8.00

Don’t pay for a storage room or unit when you will only use a fraction of the space to store your boxes or other items. Pay by the box with Simply BoxIt!

Larger items to store?

If you have an item that won’t fit in a box but still need it to be collected and stored we can do this too – add your boxes and additional items and build your quote using our quote builder and online booking form.

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Other services and optional extras

Maybe your moving abroad?

We can arrange overseas shipping for you at a cost based on the size and weight of your boxes. Please get in touch regarding your requirements for overseas shipping.

Moving out of Manchester?

We can courier your boxes to your new address in the UK, again this is based on how many boxes or items there are to move and your new address/location.

Need a Two Man Team?

If you have particularly large items or collections of multiple boxes, maybe above 1st floor we may need to send an extra man. Costs for this service start from just £25.00.

Need more time?

Loading time is fine and if you have lots of stuff we know to allow for it, but if you’re not ready and our driver is waiting more than 15 minutes we will need to charge waiting time from £20.00 per 30 minutes.