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What’s The Best International Luggage Shipping Service as a Student?

What’s The Best International Luggage Shipping Service as a Student?

The end of uni can be a stressful and life changing time. You’ve finished your course, you’re saying goodbye to your friends and potentially moving home. But for the UK’s international students, you have the additional worry of shipping items abroad. Fortunately there are a number of ways to ship luggage internationally from the UK

Use A Student Shipping Service

A student shipping service like Simply BoxIt is a specialised storage and shipping service tailored to international students. It allows you to have boxes delivered to your door for packing at your leisure. Your full boxes are collected and either stored or sent directly home to a number of overseas locations. Student shipping can act as a luggage delivery service or a storage service for a price tailored to students and new graduates.

How Does International Luggage Shipping Work?

An international luggage shipping service works in the following way:

  1. Get a quote from the luggage shipping service. You can get a quote tailored to the number of boxes you need, the location you are getting it shipped to, and when you need the delivery for. You can book immediately if you’re happy with the quote.
  2. Your boxes will be delivered on the day you requested, so you can pack at your leisure.
  3. You will need to pack ahead of your pick up time, when a transportation specialist will safely pick up your items.
  4. If you have selected storage, this will be taken to the secure storage facility. If you’ve selected delivery, then your items will be sent safely home to their final destination.

You will receive all the information you need at the point you secure your quote.

Have Items Stored Over The Summer

Are you moving home after enjoying some holiday in the UK? With an international student shipping service you can have your items safely and securely stored over the summer months until it’s time for your trip back home. You only need to hire storage for the items you need, whether that’s a small box or an entire secure room. Simply Boxit has secure and managed units so you can relax and enjoy your summer knowing your luggage and boxes are safe.

Get Your Items Collected From Door To Door

With international luggage shipping, you can have your luggage picked up and delivered straight from your uni door to your home. It’s much simpler than arranging for a shipping service. With Simply Boxit your boxes, delivery and any storage is covered in the original purchase price. Stop worrying about baggage reclaim, taking three suitcases to the airport or even multiple international trips to pick up your luggage. Pixabay-CC0 Licence

Find Affordable International Luggage Shipping Prices For Students

Our international luggage shipping is exclusively targeted towards students. We appreciate that at the end of uni, you’ll be thinking about enjoying your last few weeks with friends. You certainly won’t want to think about paying extortionate amounts to get your luggage home. With student shipping you can both get your items safely transported at an affordable cost. This will save time so you can enjoy the rest of your time at university.

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